The Wine Workshops

In its programme of six to eight modules to be held over a 12-month period, Rob will take you on an intense journey to discover specific wine growing areas and the terroirs by looking at different grapes, climate and the people involved in the wine production process.


The unique feature of the concept behind our courses on wine is the combination of the quality of the bottles that we open during each class as well as the fact that you can sample one or two ingredients that create the perfect pairing with these wines for the ultimate pleasure of your taste buds.


After an introductory session during which we provide you with basic information, you will discover the rich world of wine in the company of our sommelier Jérémie Claes and Jean-Pierre Solano, who knows wine better than anyone as he once produced it in the Minervois region. He has been sharing his vast knowledge about vines and their nectars for the past 20 years.


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