Geert, Michel and Patrick are perpetuating the tradition of Rob's pork butchers. They have the savoir-faire and respect the profession's best practice.
Kip-kap, tête pressée, tête de veau en tortue and hure de veau are all part of Belgium's gourmet heritage. Also beyond compare are the "house" pâtés. The terrines consist of top-quality meats and the spices are perfectly measured. Next, they are put in the oven and cooked slowly in the bain-marie.
The hams menu, meanwhile, is quite simply unique: raw hams and smoked hams from around the country, from Italy, France and Spain, etc.... of certified origin, such as Umbrian ham aged for 18 months and flavoured with balsamic vinegar and red pepper, or Bellota-Bellota® aged for 30 to 42 months and probably the best ham in the world.

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