Wine heightens the delicacy of dishes, so it's important to choose it well !

Rob's customers love wine, good wine. And Rob is also committed to these nectars so essential to the successful gourmet experience.
A firmly anchored philosophy
For many years, Jérémie and his trusty team of professionals have been giving their tips to clients. He is justifiably proud of his wide selection of wines representing each region, thereby guaranteeing the best of the appellation. These are wines which offer the intrinsic values which their owners intended.
There are no less than 2,000 vintages from all over the planet, among which 200 champagnes : truly exceptional for Belgium.
Rob's philosophy is that of the small wine merchant, but in a large-scale configuration.

Special offer all year long : 10% will be discounted when you purchase 12 identical bottles of wine or when you purchase 24 different bottles (except for champagnes, spirits, ports and aperitifs).

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